Gambling addiction is a serious medical syndrome that can have devastating consequences on a person’s life if left unaddressed and untreated. Gambling addiction can be accompanied by other mental disorders such as depression and anxiety disorders.

Play Mindfully

1xBet places great importance on the principles of responsible gaming. Players need to be aware of their own condition and identify the warning signs of a problem. This can help prevent a small problem from developing into a serious addiction.

Mindful play includes the ability to recognize the risks of addiction. Self-assessment based on certain criteria can help with this.

For example:

  • Is money being spent thoughtlessly and uncontrollably?
  • Have you ever had money borrowed or stolen to gamble?
  • Does aggression or defensive behavior occur when talking about bets?
  • Has your time spent with family and friends decreased due to gambling?
  • Were any deceptive acts committed to conceal gambling or gambling losses?

If the answer to three or more questions is ‘yes’, this may indicate a potential problem.

Where to Look for Help

1xBet strives to create a comfortable and safe environment for its users. If players feel like their gaming behavior is getting out of control, there are many resources they can go to for help.

On the 1xBet platform, players can take advantage of the self-exclusion option, which can be activated for a minimum period of 24 hours, with the possibility of extension up to 6 months or more.